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vLinker FS - ODB Bluetooth Adapter

vLinker FS - ODB Bluetooth Adapter

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Fully certified for use in DMD for all OBD features!

  • Automatic sleep & wake-up

  • Support for firmware updates

  • Supports HS-CAN / MS-CAN protocols

  • OBD request bytes up to 4K bytes

  • Supports 18V FEPS Voltage output

  • Work in 12V or 24V automotive systems

  • Battery Saver technology - low power mode

  • World’s fastest Bluetooth OBD-II adapter (baud-rate: 3Mbps)

  • Superior compatibility - works with more 3rd party apps software than any other adapter

When used with DMD software, check the compatibility list provided on their support page.

Don’t forget your Adapter Cable!

NOTE: If you run an aftermarket ECU, especially those on a KTM 500, Husqvarna 501 the ODB2 Adapters will not provide you with any data, as most aftermarket ECUs do not provide any CAN-BUS data. Please double check with your manufacturer first.

Secondly, the ODB2 Scan tools will only provide data on what the ECU tracks itself. For example: if you bike doesn't have an active temperature sensor, adding an ODB2 reader will not suddenly add that capability, the bike needs to have a native sensor for the ECU to read first. In this example, a fan sensor is not the same as an ECU temperature sensor.