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ADV-Tech - PD30X6 Power Distribution

ADV-Tech - PD30X6 Power Distribution

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PD30X6 Power Distribution

PD30X6 is a small power distribution block (fuse block) that supports six (6) separate devices and up to 30 Amps continues. The PD30X6 is easy to configure and change individual circuits between being constantly powered, or switch/ignition powered (only on with the key or when the vehicle is running). This is determined simply by the placement of the fuse on the circuit.

By placing the fuse in the left bank, the device’s circuit is constantly powered, or by placing it in the right most bank, the device is now switch/ignition powered only.

Installation Instructions are available here: Download Instructions


  • Supports 30 Amps of continues load, with 40 Amps Peak.

  • Six (6) Individual Circuits.

  • Each Circuit is individually configurable for Constant or Switch/Ignition.

  • ABS Plastic Shell and bottom plate. *color may vary black or gray, if you have a preference please contact after ordering.


  • Dimensions: 56mm x 88mm x 32mm (2.2” x 3.5” x 1.2”) [W x L x H]

  • Maximum Total Constant Load: 30A

  • Maximum Total Peak Load: 40A

  • Maximum Circuit Constant Load: 10A

  • Voltage: 5v-48v

  • Spare Fuse Slots: 2