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f2r - CR001-v2 RB and Tripmaster combo remote

f2r - CR001-v2 RB and Tripmaster combo remote

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NEW version of the well known rally combo remote!

Heavy duty integrated remote switch for your roadbook holder and tripmaster.

  • Improved ergonomic design;
  • Roadbook toggle protection (detachable);
  • Easy Roadbook toggle repair with RB715 product;
  • Robust aluminium case anodised in black;
  • Improved tripmaster buttons housing;
  • New reinforced fixing clamp;
  • Water and dust protected (including connectors);
  • Easy installation.

Tripmaster switch

  • 3 x high sensitive buttons (even with gloves) in a ergonomic position;
  • Connects directly to ICO and RNS tripmasters;
  • Supports Touratech IMO 100R50 Rallye, IMO 100R300 and KTM Tripmaster (*).

Roadbook holder switch

  • Robust and low force operation toggle switch;
  • Connects directly RB850 Rally, RB750 Rally and F2R RB730 (version B);
  • Connects F2R RB730 (version A), MD and Touratech (RBTT i and RBTT *MvG*) roadbook holders through RB adapter cable RB725 (not included).

Package includes :

  • Remote combo and cables;
  • Fixing clamp and screws;
  • Mounting and wiring instructions.

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