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Carpe-Iter Adventure Controller

Carpe-Iter Adventure Controller

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This is the third CARPE controller, it is the result of more than one year of development. The objective was simple, now with thousands of controllers sold world-wide and over 3 years of experience CARPE-ITER wanted to make the best motorcycle joystick-controller in the world!

This controller includes the favorite super fast chip (same as Terrain Command) with BLE (BT5), OTA Firmware updates and Wheel Sensor connection with improved detection rate (as low as 0,05ms), direct 12V connection with automatic and manual idle mode, 3 mechanical Panasonic buttons with RGB LEDs, rounded shape for better ergonomics and the in-house developed HAL magnetically entered joystick.

Control more than 30 navigation apps with this handlebar buttons.

With a useful HUD overlay for quick setting.

Adventure Controller Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great so far.

Decided to go with this controller because of the more slim/minimal build vs the DMD Remote 1. I can still work by blinker switch fairly easily. Can be a bit tricky to pair: After a suggestion from Tim, the most reliable method for me seems to be letting the CI Control app initiate the pairing process rather than first pairing from Android settings. The rubber on the buttons has a "worn" look pretty quickly but I'm trying to manage that with a light coating of SC1 after washing the bike. You forget about all of this after about 10 minutes of use on the bike. Any quirks are quickly made up for by how convenient the controller is. I love being able to quickly zoom out and get the lay of the land.

Ross Rohde

Thanks for the controller. It came fairly quick and I can't wait to try it out. Just waiting for the weather to cooperate.